eTail Nordic 2021

20 - 22 October, 2021


What You'll Learn

Be inspired by your peers on how to win customers now and in the future

  • 1 Adapt your data management to gain a single view of all your customers

  • 2 Deliver an exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints at all times

  • 3 Create impactful content that achieves higher conversion rates

  • 4 Leverage personalisation to boost sales and build a unique loyalty program

  • 5 Monetise your influencer’s activity and leverage it as a platform to boost sales


Get ideas from all of the great minds in the audience through continuous small working group discussions.

Case Study

Take part in interactive discussions with your peers at eTail Nordic and take away different approaches to the same eCommerce challenges. Starting with a case study, the speaker then invites your group to find a solution to the challenge.

Oxford Style

Walk away with a fresh mindset and better prepared to deal with a controversial issue. Sit back and witness the retail industry leading figures pitting themselves against each other to deliver the knockout argument.


Determine a new 3-step action plan to take back to the office and test. Collaborate with your eCommerce industry peers to leverage their know-how and challenge each other to ultimately find a new way forward.


Find the next big start up that can help you innovate fast and stay ahead of the curve in digitalisation. Assess each start up’s benefit to your business and the likelihood of their future success.


Turn theory into practice and bring an idea to life. Collaborate with your industry peers on a new forward-looking project to create a step-by-step action plan to launch it.