eTail Nordic 2018

02 - 03 October, 2018

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen



Technology & Innovation in Retail

Who's really ahead? It’s often thought that luxury brands are slow to the mark when it comes to embracing new media, technology and digital innovation. But is this really true? We surveyed 100 luxury brands and mid-market retailers in key markets throughout Europe to find out how technology and innovation plays a role in the overall strategy of their brand – and which brands are key influencers in this strategy.

Internationalizing Your Brand in 2017

Europe has some of the largest and most dynamic e-commerce markets in the world. Shoppers in Europe are snapping up products online at an unprecedented rate, even for luxury and other high-value items. As a result, improving both their reputation and their reach in Europe should be a ‘no-brainer’ for US brands.

The Digital Power House

In Q2 of 2017 eTail Nordic & WBR Digital surveyed 100 leading retailers in the Nordics. The research targeted retailer industries from fashion, household goods, travel and consumer electronics with a focus on their activities in-store and online. Respondents to the survey were Heads of E-commerce, Directors of Marketing or others of an equal standing. The survey was conducted by appointment over the telephone. The results were compiled and anonymised by eTail Nordic & WBR Digital and are presented here with analysis and commentary from the eTail Nordic community.

eTail Nordic 2017 Highlights Report

eTail Nordic 2017 brought together over 250 senior retail leaders, innovators and disruptors who challenged convention and shared their proven experience in delivering the truly “seamless retail” experience their customers now expect. With a focus on interactive peer-to-peer sessions, attendees benchmarked with their peers and left with tangible actions on pain points ranging from personalisation to attribution, from big data to mobile strategy, and from omnichannel alignment to the latest in disruptive technologies.