eTail Nordic 2021 Blog

Remote Working – Digital Transformation and Cultural Shift

This sudden shift towards working from home amid the current crisis is creating an environment where companies need to fast track their digital transformation

Technology and Innovation in Retail

No matter the retail industry or business type a merchant falls under, the rapid shift from in-store to online and from online to virtual offers unique and frustrating challenges.

Internationalizing Your Brand

Shoppers in Europe are more comfortable shopping online now than ever before, even for luxury and other high-value items. As a result, improving both their reputation and their reach in Europe should be a ‘no-brainer’ for US brands.

How Stadium Monitors Customer Behaviour to Stay Agile

We caught up with Pino Roscigno, Director of Marketing at Stadium, to discuss what being ‘agile’ really means, how important internal opinions are, and where retailers should direct their focus in order to stay ahead of their competition.

How Telenor Engages Customers Through A Seamless Omnichannel Experience

We caught up with Rasmus Thau Riddersholm, Head of Online Sales at Telenor, to talk about optimising the user experience, creating a seamless omnichannel journey and capitalising on data analytics.

How IKEA is Going Online to Get to Know its Future Customers

Co-living is only set to increase as the human population of this planet expands, and IKEA is looking to meet this challenge head on with its new online platform

How Google is Helping Retailers Take on Amazon with its New Shopping Actions Programme

Google is the driving force underpinning much of what occurs online. Now the company is looking to offer a helping hand to ecommerce retailers with a new shopping initiative

Thinking Outside the Box: eBay is Using Augmented Reality to Help Sellers Get Packaging Right

Augmented reality is making waves across many industries, and eBay is leveraging the power of this innovative technology to help sellers with packing up their goods for shipping. Today, eBay is a multinational ecommerce platform, with hundreds of millions of users. The San Jose-based company has revenues of nearly $9 billion, placing it at #310 on the Fortune 500.

How Screwfix is Focusing on Preventing Returns in the First Place

At least 30% of all e-commerce orders end up being returned. Clearly, customers want convenient, low risk ways to buy and return items. For retailers this brings a crucial new aspect to customer support - a quick and easy returns service.

Challenges that Retailers Face When it Comes to Delivery

Frontrunners like Amazon are stepping up the game, with futuristic drone distribution making headlines, and same-day delivery becoming increasingly commonplace. But are smaller retailers biting off more than they can chew in an attempt to keep up with the big players?

What’s Next for Retail Logistics to Match Customer Expectations

Today, your customers are increasingly demanding instant gratification. The question is – can you deliver it?

'Brick-and-Click': The Future of Stores vs. Online

In a global market currently populated by over 800,000 online outlets, the world of e-commerce has become something of a battlefield, with brands competing with each other for hits, clicks, and digitaltransactions.

Cross-Border Customer Returns and Online Retail

Physical shopping culture never really went away, but e-tailers might be forgiven for thinking that it has, based on their previous dominance. Now, the successful re-emergence of stores has put e-commerce practitioners in Europe under increasing pressure to adopt an omnichannel approach

Entering Emerging Markets: Challenges for Retail Logistics

As internet access and mobile browsing continue to on its upwards trajectory in emerging markets, many global studies are indicating that the growth in online transactions worldwide is set to accelerate. Clearly, this trend represents great opportunities for retailers to expand their operations – but with such expansions come logistical challenges.