How Stadium Monitors Customer Behaviour to Stay Agile

We caught up with Pino Roscigno, Director of Marketing at Stadium, to discuss what being ‘agile’ really means, how important internal opinions are, and where retailers should direct their focus in order to stay ahead of their competition. Read on for his thoughts on how Stadium stays focused on a common task while putting internal opinions in second place.

Pino will be speaking at eTail Nordic. Download the agenda here to see his session.

What does an ‘agile’ organisation mean to you?

For me, an agile organisation is an organisation with full focus on a common task; an organisation able to reform itself by allocating the right skills and resources depending on the task. When the task is done the team then reforms itself to solve another issue.

At eTail Nordic, you're going to be discussing improving the overall customer experience. How do you keep up to date with your customers’ changing demands?

Rely on facts and don’t listen too much to internal opinions. The customer’s behavior is the most important information, not just the opinions. You should look at how people behave and be wary of internal opinions.

What are your 3 top tips for retailers to improve their customer journey?

Look at online and instore as one customer journey, invest in reducing friction and don´t forget about the after service, as it gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from others with the same products or services.

Where are you currently investing to ensure a seamless journey across all customer touchpoints?

New skills and a more lean organisation are in focus right now where online and store are seen as one.

Your core skills include integrating sales and marketing. How is this process going at Stadium? Have you had any particular challenges?

I started in November last year and the focus since then has been planning for the future of marketing and sales at Stadium. We are now entering the phase of implementation but I would say that the biggest challenge is about predicting customer behavior and expectations.

How do you think companies will need to adapt in future to become more agile?

I would say just by testing and then scaling when it´s working. Every organisation has its own culture, so start with the early testers, the people who are willing to try it out and involve more people along the way. Identifying the need for new roles and cross-functional teams. My experience is that people enjoy working in an agile organisation, and as long as everything is going okay even management does, but as soon as things aren´t going so well or conflicts appear people and managers demand more concrete planning and organisational structure. It´s natural and a part of leadership. Organisations have to prepare for it. It´s about leadership.

Pino will be speaking at eTail Nordic. Download the agenda here to see his session and many, many more.

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