How Telenor Engages Customers Through A Seamless Omnichannel Experience

We caught up with Rasmus Thau Riddersholm, Head of Online Sales at Telenor, to talk about optimising the user experience, creating a seamless omnichannel journey and capitalising on data analytics. See below for his thoughts on staying relevant in a saturated market, and how Telenor has adopted an ‘Online First’ mentality across the board.

Rasmus will be speaking at eTail Nordic. Download the agenda here to see his session.

How have you seen omnichannel sales develop in recent years?

The rise of mobile first is a reality now, and we too see the majority of traffic coming from mobile devices as the research phase ignites in a moment of impulse. In these ‘micro moments’ it is key to recognise and deliver a customised user experience across channels tailored to the needs of the user. At Telenor we see the omnichannel interaction growing year on year, with multiple touchpoints in play through the purchase funnel. With our position as a premium brand with multiple channels – Web, Call center and Retail – we have the ability to offer customers a friction free journey across the channels choosing the preferred ones for doing the research and purchase. This is reflected in more traffic being sent from online to offline and visa versa, as we let the customer create the basket in one channel and finish in another channel of their choice.

At eTail Nordic, you're going to be discussing what customers are looking for. How do you keep on top of your customers' changing habits and demands?

Focus on the customer. It’s really old news, but still goes and the tricky part is keeping an eye on the most relevant data in the ever growing sea of available data. The combination of right qualitative and quantitative insights gathering is one thing, but prioritising the time and effort to analyse, understand and test based on input is our key. We look at our work as ‘growth hacking’ and doing experiments in (almost) everything we do to learn in small scale before launching in large scale.

How do you use data analytics in your work?

In order to do omnichannel right, you need the right setup of analytics and one ID on the user to track across touchpoints. This is the tricky part as users switch devices and it’s difficult to force login. This work with data demands a close collaboration between data scientists and the core business development, and requires an ‘online first’ mindset in all development from processes to products.

What would be your 3 top tips for retailers to improve their customer journey?

1. Ensure you have a valid setup of your analytics, tracking and data
2. Break down silos and work cross-functional with stakeholders and experts
3. Work in loops: Build, measure, learn. Launch in smallest possible scale and adjust based on data-insights

One of the trickiest things can be getting stakeholders to agree on adopting new technologies. How do you ensure your whole team buys in to new investments, developments and areas of opportunity?

We have a focus on ‘Online first’ from the CxO and down. This is essential in order to break down old barriers and silos, such as, for example, incentive structures which are an obstacle for innovating existing processes.

Where are you currently investing to ensure a seamless journey across all customer touchpoints?

Tracking and insights. The ability to monitor and follow the user on the journey through the funnel. The easy part is building the great experience on top.

What does the future of omnichannel look like? Will one channel dominate?

The customer of the future is even more impatient and disloyal, as the whole world is at their fingertips. The freedom to choose exactly in which channel to start the journey and which to complete the purchase must be supported. Also the options along with it – where to order, where to pick up.

How do you stay competitive and relevant in such a saturated, busy telco market?

Don’t try fight the market and react based on what they do – instead work on providing the best possible experience for your customers based on your own insights. The tagline could be: Don’t try to sell your product, sell the problem you solve for the customer.

Rasmus Thau Riddersholm is speaking at eTail Nordic. Download the agenda to see his session and many, many more.

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